Whatever you are and whatever you want to be is not your decision and your act only , as the power who rules the world decides which wish will be fulfilled and which one will go to waste

Now what makes the difference between the one whose wish was fulfilled and the one whose wish was is just the amount of energy and they they spent on that particular wish . Then what do you do when you look around and you see that there are people working hard , harder than you , but their reasoning to achieve the same thing you do is completely different , maybe lame or they don’t even do it for themselves , while for you , wishing that thing is the only thing you can think of and spend your time on but the fear of not achieving it stops you from taking that much action that others take , what do you do then ? Are you willing to simply give away your dream because your efforts lack quantity ? Or are you willing to keep your pace up and believe that someday you will achieve it ?

In psychology they say that if one is deprived of  the right of making his own choices he , someday ,  will lose the will of making a choice , and will even forget to want to do stuff for himself , he will forget his favorite stuff , flavors ,colors and everything , and as an individual he will be like an empty shell , which in its essence won’t contain anything . While trying to say your opinions . likes and dislikes is now considered by society as an act of narcissism or egoism , not saying them makes you lose yourself and the paramountey that any human is having . Well then , what do you do ?

Is terrifying how people made rules which destroy basically the mankind , but this is what human is , an incomplete work , of a bored artist


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